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Established in 2001 and headquartered in Mumbai, ITShastra is a professionally managed software company, which is a global provider of consultancy, development, testing and design services for business around the world. With a highly qualified team, ITShastra, has broad-based experience in both software design and Web application development that address multiple vertical industries including Mortgage, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Film Industries, Banking and more. ITShastra also has products in Banking, Healthcare and e-governance.

Winner of "QCI D. L. Shah National Award on economics of quality" ITShastra is a CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

ITShastra is the "one-stop solution" to all IT design and development needs of an organization. ITShastra is incorporated with a mission to assist their clients achieve their business goals and get the maximum ROI on their IT investments. Having made its mark in custom software development, website development, ASP.Net, Java, Open Source, PHP, Web Application Development, Mobile apps Development and offshore IT outsourcing services, ITShastra expertise in the design and development of robust and scalable web and mobile applications development.

ITShastra believes that an organization can be successful by working with an IT partner, which not only understands but believes in your products. ITShastra provides the insight, support and expertise that will drive the clients business forward. Working with ITS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership. ITShastra believes in delivering the best-in-class assessment, design, testing, procurement, integration and support services - customized to meet the needs and requirements of an organization. ITShastra has offices in Pune, Thane and Gujarat.

Our Values
We treasure our relationship with our clients as well as employee.
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Customer: Our Focus
Logo Story
You can win the World by good deeds.
It's more than just our slogan. Undoubtedly, there are many firms competing with us.
Our Vision
Speed Rules Companies come and go in no time, especially in the Internet industry. So how do we, not only survive, but also, thrive and flourish?
Our Infrastructure
ITShastra announces the opening of its new hi-tech office in Mumbai to develop cutting edge solutions for global customers and augment
Our Goal
To earn global admiration as IT Outsourcing Company, delivering cost-effective supreme quality solution and exceeding customer's expectations.

The visionary management team leading ITShastra, is comprised of highly-skilled individuals with deep mortgage industry experience and expertise. They bring into the field an unprecedented combination of technical knowledge, direct hands-on experience and a commitment to establish and maintain leadership in the Mortgage Industry market.

As your technology partner, ITShastra believes in succeeding by ensuring your success. Making optimal use of latest technology we provide leading edge solutions that identify with your brand image.
We shoulder the responsibility to ensure successful implementation of the projects for the rapid accomplishment of your business objectives. Professionalism, commitment, client centered business driven approach and technical expertise of our team set us apart from other web development companies.
Programming Language
.Net MVC, Java, J2EE, PHP, LAMP, Visual Basic, ColdFusion, Visual C++, C#, Windows, SDK
Web Technologies
PHP, ASP, VB Web Classes, JSP, DHTML, Javascript, Angular JS, Node JS, CSS, Servlets, Java Beans, Struts, SVG, VRML, ISAPI, VML
Mobile Technologies
Android apps, iphone apps, jquery Mobile, phone gap
Specialized Technologies
SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Cognos 8 BI, BizTalk Server
SQL Server, Oracle, mySql, MS-Access
Application Servers
IIS, JBoss, Jakarta-Tomcat, Apache Server
Testing Tools
WinRunner, Test director, Rational Robot Test Manager, Internet Macros
Middleware & Protocols
Multimedia Technologies
Adobe Photoshop, Flash MX, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe Illustrator
Operating Systems
MS-WINDOWS 9x/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista, Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris, MS-DOS
Integrated Development Environments
Eclipse, Ant, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Linux Networking, MS-Windows Back office server 2000 /2003
PHP Technologies
Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, Joomla, Drupal, OrangeHRM, Mantis, Codeigniter
Management Tools
SVN, Microsoft VSS, CVS, IBM Rational ClearCase
Management Tools
Microsoft Project, Whizible, Rx Project
Recent economic trends have changed the landscape of IT service delivery. Software development resources are now offered through more distributed, process-centric, low-cost global delivery models which rely on using near shore or offshore facilities
ITShastra has pioneered the Global Delivery Model (GDM) to ensure the distribution of application and business process life cycle activities and resources, while ensuring their integration. The key drivers of our Global Delivery Model are:
Processes: Our robust process-orientation allows us to deliver solutions from multiple locations.
Quality: We deliver world-class solutions by maintaining quality across processes, interfaces and outputs, in management, core and support processes.
Tools: We monitor large and complex projects through a combination of indigenous tools.
Knowledge Management: Our Knowledge Management Services help you assess your needs, evaluate technologies and recommend solutions.
Program Management: Our project management processes address key aspects across the project life cycle.
Risk Mitigation: The risk management framework of ITShastra covers risk identification, prioritization and mitigation.
ITShastra has flexible approach to global software delivery and offers clients two model options, based on your organizational requirements. Many clients choose to engage with us in a pure offshore development model. Our software developers, project managers, and quality assurance professionals work in our development facility in Mumbai, India. In other cases, we deploy staff to your location. These individuals then provide on-site coordination and management, helping oversee collaboration with offshore development resources.
Know more about - ITShastra Global Delivery Models
Pure Offshore Model
Under the Pure Offshore Model, the entire development team including the project manager works out of ITShastra offshore delivery center in India. Relationship management is done from the U.S. office to provide engagement oversight and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Our offshore development center at Mumbai, India is comprised of state-of-the-art delivery facility and staff dedicated to our customers' IT requirements. Our team of trained project manager, programmers and QA members understand and address your biggest challenge today: time-time to market, time to launch new products, time to respond to customers.
Advantages of the offshore model include:
Cost savings
Development team scalability based on projects
Rapid time to market
Extensive quality assessment and testing
High quality development and delivery
On Site Model
ITShastra team of consultants, project managers, architects and software developers, assembled according to the client's specific requirements; work on-site in close cooperation with you. They are available for the entire project life cycle, from initial information gathering to implementation, maintenance and support. Through continuous interaction with our on-site team, the client maintains an informed, firsthand awareness of the project's progress.
Onsite Offshore Model
While ITShastra developers are located in one of our secure offshore development centers, one or more team members may work at the client's site. Our on-site staff is responsible for gathering important information about the project, analyzing requirements and creating specifications, planning and initial design, and interacting directly with the client to accommodate any changes. The offshore team follows the instructions of the on-site manager, and is responsible for the progress of the entire project. Through this arrangement the client enjoys all the benefits of offshore software development, but with less overhead required for communication and project coordination.
ITShastra's onsite - offshore model places one or more team members at your location to serve as a liaison between you and your offshore software development team. The ratio of onshore to offshore team member depends on your specific project scale and objectives and is determined by the cost, services, project needs and effort.
Advantages of the onsite - offshore model include:
Client and onsite team interaction during business hours
Reduced management time from client
Communication and cultural risk coverage
Faster knowledge transfer to offshore staff
No matter how you engage ITShastra for your software development services, we recognize that successful outsourced partnerships require open communication and complete visibility.
Communication is key
ITShastra is highly accessible and responsive to your needs - combining regularly scheduled communication with frequent ad-hoc conversations by phone or online.
Instant Messaging Software & US based Phone numbers
Our Philosophy - Transparency in all your projects and 24 x 7 availability.
Project Progress Visibility
When you entrust a project or process to us, you want absolute assurance that timing and budgetary goals will be met. ITShastra provides a superior level of transparency into project progress and status - so you can be assured that the initiative is on track and quickly identify and mitigate any issues that may arise.