RxOffice® CRM
RxOffice® CRM enables effective Lead Management cycle
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Allocation and Distribution
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Conversion
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RxOffice® CRM Features
  • Lead Management

    "You can control what you can see and track". RxOffice® CRM optimises the chances of closing the Orders. The enquiry funnel from all the sources is seen, tracked, monitored and acted upon using the inbuilt rule and role based RxOffice® CRM. It tracks the current status, next actions and document status of the leads and helps the sales team to act in a focussed way to help the closure.

  • Variety of Communication Options

    RxOffice® CRM provides variety of communication recording option like secure email, Phone Logs, Field Visit records, Schedule meeting & Notes. Follow-up details are captured and scheduled as next Milestone.

  • Configurable Workflow per product

    RxOffice® CRM provides Configurable workflow per product. This workflow automatically schedules tasks as per configuration. These tasks appears on Dashboard of appropriate users which helps Business users to drive the day to day work. The dashboard is provided with various filters like "Today’s Tasks", "Pending Tasks" & "Future Tasks".

  • Integrated Document Management System

    RxOffice® CRM is integrated with an inbuilt Document Management System for handling all documents during the Customer acquisition to Customer converted to account process. This system is provided with various key features like Explorer based folders, Upload document, download document, Drag and Drop files & PDF viewer inside browser.