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Go Green
Practice Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Guidelines in day to day need and improve awareness on "Go Green" Initiative
ITShastra believes, protecting our environment is the responsibility of everyone and has been committed to address the environment sustainability by putting continuous efforts in the direction.
ITShastra thinks that we can surely make a difference by contributing to global efforts of saving our planet in every possible way.
ITShastra being a premier software development organization and by implementing "Go Green" Initiative shall potentially have a significant impact on the global environment.
As part of "Go Green" Initiative, ITShastra encourages all employees to proactively practice Reduce, Reuse and Recycle guidelines to improve the global environment and live healthy life.
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Go Green
ITShastra believes that to reduce the impact on environment, we must reduce the consumption. With this principle, following will be the key steps in this direction.
Reduce Paper Usage
Print / Photocopy only if it is needed, use double side print/photocopy facility for multi-page inputs.
Set the margin to maximum to reduce the paper count as far as possible.
To control printing, the print access has been granted to Project Manager (PM) and above. It is responsibility of PM to take a call if print is really needed.
Store document electronically instead paper copies.
Circulate soft copy document instead of hard-copy as far as possible.
Do not print /photocopy emails, unless it is absolutely needed.
Reduce Power Usage
Switch-off desktop monitor when not in use.
Shutdown desktop before leaving for the day.
Use available natural light wherever possible.
Switch-off the lights in unused areas.
Use energy efficient equipment wherever possible.
As far as possible keep doors and windows closed.
Switch-off office lights and Printer / Shredder before leaving the office.
Reduce Pollution
Reduce pollution by regularly doing a Pollution Under Control (PUC) test for your vehicle.
Use Public Transport as far as possible.
Try car pool services as far as possible.
ITShastra believes reuse will save the production/consumption to some extent. With this principle, following will be the key steps in this direction
Reuse guidelines
Reuse old envelopes, wherever applicable
Reuse print cartridges, before discarding it completely
Reuse paper / plastic bags as far as possible
ITShastra believes recycle will reduce the production to some extent. With this principle, following will be the key steps in this direction.
Recycle guidelines
Use Recycled paper instead of premium quality papers wherever possible.
Recycle water bottle / cans after use.
Recycle print cartridges