RxOffice® HMS
RxOffice® HMS is an integrated software with modular and scalable solutions to meet the hospital requirements. The heart of RxOffice® HMS is seamless integration of administration, medical records & accounts. From helping procure grant funding to implementing wireless solutions and providing round-the-clock network support, RxOffice® HMS with a client-base of around 160 hospitals at different geographies and of different sizes (10 beds to 200 beds) in Maharashtra, this software has an advantage of having workflows, suitable for the need of each client.
RxOffice® HMS provides the user to have streamlined operations and enhance administrative capability. It supports in providing the best patient care, reduces cost & increases profit for the healthcare organization.
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Product Features
The HMS has been conceptualized as a centralized web based system to minimize technology support and maintenance dependencies.
  • The centralized database allows online data access at all the levels.
  • It eliminates duplication of data
  • It helps to monitor the Healthcare units located in remote areas
  • HMS Streamlines the hospital operations
  • It enhances administration and control
  • Faster retrieval of patient records hence swift response to Patient Care
  • Centralized web based solution allows cost effective maintenance and management
  • HMS effectively monitors Drug / Dosage and Resources
  • It Collates and consolidates data, saving time and effort
  • Uniformity and standardization of reporting formats at all the levels
  • Transition into digital record keeping
  • It monitors pre-defined Health indicators by generating periodic reports at all the levels
HMS Premium modules
  • Patient Registartion
  • Ward and Room Managment
  • Medical Records(Clinical/EMR)
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Store/Inventory
  • Human Resource
  • Blood Bank
  • Pharmacy
  • MIS Reports