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ITShastra is a one-stop solution to all your IT design and development needs. As an ISO 9001:2008 and Microsoft Certified Partner Company based in Mumbai, ITShastra is incorporated with a mission to assist our clients achieve their business goals and get the maximum ROI on their IT investments. Having made its mark in custom software development, website development, ASP.Net, Java, Open Source, PHP, Web Application Development, Mobile apps Development and offshore IT outsourcing services, ITShastra expertise in the design and development of robust and scalable web and mobile applications development. At ITShastra we believe in delivering the best-in-class assessment, design, testing, procurement, integration and support services – customized to meet your needs and requirement.


ITShastra's RxOffice® AML is a state of the art money laundering and fraud detection solution to streamline detection, monitoring and investigation operations. It is customized for insurance, banking and capital market intermediaries like brokerages and mutual funds. The product is equipped with critical regulatory reports such as STR, CTR, NTR, CCR and CBWT.
With ease of Suspect Search & Know Your Customer features, it helps banks and financial institution to keep a tight watch on people involved in money laundering activities.

RxOffice Legal & Recovery
RxOffice® Legal & Recovery

RxOffice® Legal & Recovery Management Solution, helps Banks and Financial institutions to track the loan defaults cycle efficiently.It covers the self-explanatory workflow from Initiation of Defaults, Securitization, MCS101, MCS91, Section 14, Arbitration to 138 (Cheque Bounce). The product has built in workflows, which help in Tracking, Managing NPA by planning appropriate action as per guidelines of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

RxOffice® HMS

RxOffice® HMS is an integrated software with modular and scalable solutions to meet the hospital requirements. The heart of RxOffice® HMS is seamless integration of administration, medical records & accounts. From helping procure grant funding to implementing wireless solutions and providing round-the-clock network support, RxOffice® HMS with a client-base of around 160 hospitals at different geographies and of different sizes (10 beds to 200 beds) in Maharashtra,

RxOffice HMS
RxOffice® DMS


Is a comprehensive multiuser electronic solution that helps organization to streamline their document management processes

  • Document Workflow management with Create – Review – Approve – Publish cycle
  • Interactive User Interface with explorer view for folders
RxOffice® CRM

RxOffice® CRM enables effective Lead Management cycle

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Allocation and Distribution
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Conversion

   .... along with document management

RxOffice CRM
RxOffice® Audit

RxOffice® Audit is an unparalleled suite of SaaS products developed and managed by IT Shastra (India) Pvt. Ltd. The management of ITShastra has substantial experience in conceiving and implementing cutting edge software and services. Call today for a demo and more details on why RxOffice® Audit is the best tool to adjust your business model and meet the paradigm shift head on. You'll know why we’re quickly becoming the strategic solution for good operational health and profitability.

RxOffice Audit